Customised Products

With our years of experience in the timber industry, we are capable of making most timber products and can create customised products to suit your requirements.

Further Information

Our focus is on outdoor strength and durability.
We build customised products to your specifications and tailored to your needs.

Some of the products built include, bridges, playhouses, water-features, cat enclosures, aviaries, chicken coops, movable herb/flower boxes, storage cupboards, adding mezzanine floors, cladding walls, outdoor showers, covers for pool pumps and unsightly pipes, gates and enclosing carports – these are just to name a few!

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Get Inspired

Use the images below of products we have created to gather ideas for your own home improvement projects.

We are happy to chat to you over the phone or in person to provide guidance and advice about the possibilities for your space.

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Clad entrances

Pool filter covers



Mezzanine floor


Outdoor shower

Clad walls

Water feature

Extra storage

Customised play areas

Enclosed carports

Aviaries and chicken coops

Cat enclosures

Movable flower/herb boxes

Pool pump covers

Outdoor showers

Bridges and walkways