Portable Jungle Gyms

Our portable jungle gyms are designed with smaller children in mind (2-5 years of age). They are easy to assemble and transport.

Further Information

The unique feature of this structure is that it is portable and easily disassembled and reassembled. Once disassembled, it fits easily onto an LDV (even a double cab). When your children outgrow the Portable Jungle Gym, it may easily be sold in the classifieds, as it is simple to take apart, transport and reassemble.

If you are renting a home, you can still give your child the opportunity to develop their motor skills through outdoor play. Should you move house in the future, you can disassemble the structure and put it back together in your new garden.

When we quote prices on portable jungle gyms, we refer to the structures collected from our premises in Circular Drive and exclude VAT. For your convenience, and those dads less handy, we can deliver and install at a small extra charge.

Our quotes are valid for 30 days from date on quote.

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Portable Jungle Gym Options

Our portable option 1 consists of a platform, roof, commando net, pull-up ramp, slide, swing and gladiator rings.

Our option 2 portable jungle gym is an add on to option 1 and consists of a connecting drum bridge, 2nd platform, fireman pole and tyre ramp. This allows families on budgets to buy the basic structure and add to it at a later date.

For a little extra, a dashboard and seat can be fitted under the platform, and sides attached to create the special castle or fort. We also have a portable tractor as another option – kids just love it.

Our option 3 portable jungle gym, comprises of both option 1 and 2 – as a once-off purchase.

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Portable jungle gym – Option 1

Portable jungle gym – Option 1 (without swing)

Portable jungle gym – Option 3

Portable tractor

Portable tractor 2

Easy to transport – Option 1 ready to be delivered

Customised portable jungle gym 7

Portable jungle gym - Option 8

Portable jungle gym - Option 9

Portable jungle gym - Option 10