Standard Jungle Gyms

From the largest municipal or school structure, to a set of garden swings – all our jungle gyms are quality guaranteed for a year against latent defects.

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Today life does not afford the same opportunities that we were accustomed to when we were children. Because of our concerns for the safety of our children, they are not exposed to, or offered, the opportunity to run free, climb trees and play outdoors. This is where jungle gyms have an important role to play.

There is a need for children to develop their gross motor skills, as this affects a number of aspects of their development. Numerous teachers have remarked on noticing a lack of development in today’s children. Give your child a fighting chance in the safe and caring environment of your home.

We have one of the most comprehensive selections of jungle gyms available in the Eastern Cape. With over 6 600 jungle gyms built in the Port Elizabeth area over the last 20 years, we are very proud of our vast experience, high quality products and impeccable reputation.

We can offer advice on the various developmental aspects of components. Our structures cater for children with special needs and children who require general stimulation.

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Selection & Quotation Process

Each jungle gym is selected to suit your budget and space constraints. With a choice of over a hundred combinations to choose from, it can become confusing. That’s where we come in.

We assist you in choosing from a list of components, to design a model that suits your space, budget and the age of your child.

We then fax or email a quotation for you, to peruse at your convenience. When you are happy with the results and have made any adjustments you may require, you sign the quotation and fax or email it back to us, along with your proof of payment of your deposit to place your order.

We then arrange a date for installation that is convenient for both you and ourselves. We arrive at your site at the set time and we chat about the positioning of the structure.

You provide us with an electrical connection and let us do the rest. You return to site, inspect the work and when satisfied, issue us with payment.

Sit back and watch the excitement and joy on your child’s face.

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Jungle Gym 1

Victory Christian School

Jungle Gym 2

Jungle Gym 3

Jungle Gym 4

Jungle Gym 5

Jungle Gym 6

Jungle Gym 7

Jungle Gym 8

Jungle Gym 9

Jungle Gym 10

Jungle Gym 11

Jungle Gym 12

Jungle Gym 13

Jungle Gym 14

Jungle Gym 15

Jungle Gym 16

Jungle Gym 17

Jungle Gym 18

Jungle Gym 19

Jungle Gym 20

Jungle Gym 21

Jungle Gym 22

Jungle Gym 23

Jungle Gym 24

Jungle Gym 25

Jungle Gym 26

Jungle Gym 26A

Jungle Gym 26B

Jungle Gym 27

Jungle Gym 28

Jungle Gym 29

Jungle Gym 30

Jungle Gym 31

Jungle Gym 32

Jungle Gym 33

St Andrew’s

Jungle Gym 34


Jungle Gym 35

St Augustines

Jungle Gym 36

Jungle Gym 37

Mzingizi School

Jungle Gym 38

Red Cap

Jungle Gym 39

Jungle Gym 40

Jungle gym 40A

Incredible Kids

Jungle gym 40B

Themed airplane

Jungle gym 40C

Jungle gym 40D

Our very own Windsor Castle

Jungle gym 40E


Jungle gym 40F


Jungle gym 40G

Fire engine

Jungle gym 40H

Dump truck

Jungle gym 40I

Single balance beam

Jungle gym 40J

Climbing ropes

Jungle gym 40K

Soccer net

Jungle gym 40L

Suspended pole balance bridge

Jungle gym 40M

Opened sandpit

Jungle gym 40N

Closed sandpit

Jungle gym 40O

Horizontal tyre tunnel

Jungle gym 40P

Double monkey bars

Jungle gym 40Q

Tri-level trapeze bars

Jungle gym 40R

A-frame commando net

Jungle gym 40S

pull up ramp and commando net combo 2

Jungle gym 40T

Commando net into tree

Jungle gym 40U

Kids at play

Jungle gym 40V

Swing set

Jungle gym 40W

Spiral climber into tree

Jungle gym 40X

Triple swings on chains for a school

Jungle gym 41

Jungle gym 42

Jungle gym 43

Kragga Kamma Game Reserve

Jungle gym 44

Jungle gym 45

Jungle gym 46

Fairview Links

Jungle gym 47

Fairview Links

Jungle gym 48

Fairview Links

Jungle gym 49

Jungle gym 50

Theodor Herzl School

Jungle gym 51

Woodridge School

Jungle gym 52

Woodridge School

Jungle gym 53

Woodridge School

Jungle gym 54

Jungle gym 55

Jungle gym 56

Jungle gym 57

Cape Recife School

Jungle gym 58

Jungle gym 59

Beachwood Pre-Primary School

Jungle gym 60

Jungle gym 61

Jungle gym 62

Jungle gym 63

Jungle gym 64

Jungle gym 65

Jungle gym 66

Jungle gym 67

Addo National Park

Jungle gym 68

Jungle gym 69

Jungle gym 70

Jungle gym 71

At Pearson Park Resort

Jungle gym 71A

Adult swing 1

Jungle gym 71B

Adult swing 2

Jungle gym 71C

Toddlers’ swing

Jungle gym 72

Jungle gym 73

Jungle gym 74

Jungle gym 75

Reach for a Dream

Jungle gym 75A

Malabar School

Jungle gym 75B

Malabar School

Jungle gym 75C

Malabar School