Decks, Pergolas, Walkways and Staircases

Our decks, pergolas, stairs, walkways and balustrades are all custom built and designed to suit your space and unique requirements.

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The addition of a deck and/or pergola extends your entertainment area in a cost-effective way. You not only add square meterage of usable space, but add rand value to your home.

All structural timber used is (SABS) CCA treated. Decking planks depend on  client’s choice – with treated Pine being the most popular and cost effective.

With our 20-plus years of experience in this industry, we have a good reputation on the strength, durability and safety of our construction!

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The ideal situation for a deck is to extend an elevated room, making the area bigger and bringing the outdoors indoors. This is both cost-effective and attractive. The size and design are tailored to clients’ needs.

Deck 1

Deck 2

Deck 3

Deck 4

Deck 5

Deck 6

Deck 7

Deck 8

Deck 9

Deck 10

Deck 11

Deck 12

Deck 13

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Deck 19

Deck 20

Deck 21

Deck 22

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Deck 25

Deck 26

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Deck 28

Deck 29

Deck 30

Deck 31

Deck 32

Deck 33

Deck 34

Deck 35

Deck 36

Deck 37

Deck 38

Deck 39

Deck 40

Deck 41


Pergolas are ideally used to extend a living area, either to provide shade or a sheltered outdoor entertainment area. They also add character and charm to a façade, changing the appearance of a home.

All pergolas have the option of being covered with sheeting, usually shaded Polycarbonate or Aluzinc (rain proof) or clad with timber to provide shade.

Pole pergolas are manufactured from H4 CCA treated poles. Poles allow for longer spans and have particular applications, suiting the rounded “farmstyle” look.

Structural timber pergolas have a cleaner/neater look and are usually more adaptable for different styles.

Wooden Pergola 42

Wooden Pergola 43

Wooden Pergola 44

Wooden Pergola 45

Wooden Pergola 46

Wooden Pergola 47

Wooden Pergola 48

Wooden Pergola 49

Wooden Pergola 50

Wooden Pergola 51

Wooden Pergola 52

Wooden Pergola 53

Wooden Pergola 54

Walkways and Staircases

We have manufactured many staircases and walkways over the past 2 decades, from St Francis to Transkei. Some functional and others decorative. We can design and install products to suit most applications.

Stairs 55

Stairs 56

Stairs 57

Stairs 58

Stairs 59

Stairs 60

Stairs 61

Stairs 62

Stairs 63

Stairs 64

Stairs 65

Stairs 66

Stairs 67